UNIX resources

Unix v6

Original source code for UNIX v6 had no comments in it, so its recommended to take a look at J.Lions commentary

An on-line version of the Lions commentary, and the source code.

The v6 source code is available online through The Unix Heritage Society


Xv6 a simple Unix-like teaching operating system, developed by MIT.

Source code

Course homepage

The Unix Tree

Unix archive of sorts,source code and manuals of various old versions of Unix.

Unix Derivatives

Several systems started with Unix source code, but this was written out over time so that no original Unix code remains. The best known examples are OpenSolaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD.

Version Date
FreeBSD 5.3 2004-08
OpenBSD 4.6 2009-10
NetBSD 5.0.2 2010-02
OpenSolaris build 135 2010-03

Unix Clones

There have been many systems which implement the Unix system calls, library APIs and commands, but which did not include any original Unix source code. Here is a small selection.

Version Date
Minix 1.1 1987-01
Xinu 1987-01
Minix 1.5 1989-11
Linux 0.96c 1992-07
Coherent 4.2 1994-12
Minix 2.0 1996-10
Linux 2010-04

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