Why wordpress? (list)

List of some bigger websites that are powered by wordpress 1. TechCrunch 2. The New Yorker 3. BBC America 4. Bloomberg Professional 5. The Official Star Wars Blog 6. Variety 7. Sony Music 8. MTV News 9. Beyonce 10. PlayStation.Blog 11. Sweden’s Official Website 12. Microsoft News Center 13. Boingo 14. Bata 15. cPanel Blog […]

Webdev project idea list

http://www.portfoliotips.co/portfolio-project-ideas/ http://www.ideamachine.io/ https://skillcrush.com/2014/08/11/portfolio-advice-2/ https://simplestepscode.com/web-development-project-ideas-from-experts/ http://www.markammay.com/100-creative-ideas-for-a-website/ https://www.codementor.io/learn-programming/12-important-things-to-include-in-web-dev-portfolios http://www.codeconquest.com/programming-projects/ideas-for-programming-projects/ Portfolio Project Ideas for Web Devs from Frontend

On Social Networks

So while i was working on simple social network based project. I certainly have developed required muscles and technologies in order to build fully functional social network. Problem would be an idea for new social network. Trying to hop in that train is bit late,you missed a big social network boom from buletin boards to […]